ArcGIS Drivers Permit

University of Missouri
Date: 01/21/2014 - 01/23/2014
Time: All Day
Location: 1110 S. College Avenue Room 160
Columbia, MO


Driver’s Permit  Learn GIS basics and how to use ArcGIS 10 in a hands-on learning environment! This workshop focuses workshop will give you a solid background on GIS concepts by providing participants with the skills to manipulate GIS maps to answer commonly asked issues in community planning using ArcGIS 10    Activities focus on getting information from GIS data layers, answering basic geospatial questions and manipulating GIS data.  Each participant receives their own detailed step-by-step manual to use as a reference after the workshop  is over to make maps in your community and beyond.       (Day 1 participants will only Driver’s Permit (Day 1) materials)  Cost = $99 per person

Day 2 and 3 Fundamentals of GIS   Learn the basics of working with ArcGIS 10.1 in a hands-on learning environment! This course is useful for people who have no prior GIS experience, as well as those who have used ArcGIS, but are new to ArcGIS 10.  With a focus on Missouri statewide and local data and applications, participants learn how to use ArcGIS 10 to produce attractive, effective maps. In addition, each participant receives their own detailed step-by-step manual to use as a reference after the course is over. Familiarity with Windows is highly recommended.  Cost: $99 per person per day


You can select  from 3 options:

  • Day 1 only (January 21, 2014)
  • Day 1 &  2 (January 21-22, 2014)
  • All 3 days (January 21-23)


This training will be held on the University of Missouri campus at 1110 S. College Avenue, Room 160, Columbia, MO 65211  This building is on the NE corner of Stadium Blvd and College Avenue.  Parking passes can be picked up at the front desk before the workshop begins.


Rooms can be reserved at  Stoney Creek Inn (2601 S. Providence Road, Columbia MO 65203) for the discounted rate of $93 per night, to be paid by the participant.  Please make your Reservations by January 2nd in order to take advantage of the $93/night rate (includes breakfast). Contact Stoney Creek Inn directly at  573-442-6400 and use the room block code of “ArcGIS Drivers Permit.”  Hotel rooms are not included in the daily workshop rate.

**The hotel will honor the special $93/night rate as long as rooms are available.**


Contact Shannon White at  or 573-884-0790