Awards are presented by the Missouri Mappers Association at the Annual Conference



Mapper of the Year: Arron Kettle
Annual Meeting: Jody Paschal
Boss of the Year: Laura Cole
President’s Award: Carla Palmer

Awards May Include:
Mapper of the Year – Application
Annual Meeting
Boss of the Year – Application
Special Recognition



Mapper of the Year: Donna Ribble
Annual Meeting: Jody Paschal


Mapper of the Year: Raelynn Hinderson
Boss of the Year: Lisa Perry
Fireball Award: Jody Paschal


Mapper of the Year: Diedra Volkart
Boss of the Year: Connie Hoover
Fireball Award: Arron Kettle
President Award: Sue Ann Stokes
Annual Meeting: Sue Ann Stokes


Mapper of the Year: Carla Palmer
Boss of the Year: Doug Bowerman
Fireball Award: Matt Sorensen
President Award: Brenda Dryer
Annual Meeting: Sue Ann Stokes
Professional Missouri Mappers Designation: Lisa Mendpara


Mapper of the Year: Christine Mckinney
Fireball: Katrina Williams
Boss of the Year: Laura Pope
Annual Meeting Award: Sue Ann Stokes
President Award: Carla Palmer


Mapper of the Year: Tim Kean
Fireball: Sue Ann Stokes
Boss of the Year: Karissa Logan
Annual Meeting Award: Sue Ann Stokes
President Award: Sue Ann Stokes
President Award: Melissa Johnson


Mapper of the Year: Marti Suiter, PMM (Hickory County, MO)
President Award: Richard Kramer, Sr. (City of Jackson, MO)
Annual Meeting Award: Brenda Dryer (Lawrence County, MO)
Fireball: No Nominations


Mapper of the Year: Danny Edgar, St. Francois County
Fireball Award: Erika Hagg, Greene County
Annual Meeting Award: Lisa Mendpara, Cass County
President Award: Tim Kean, PMM


Mapper of the Year: Alice Lee, Jefferson County
Boss of the Year: Tom Ruhl, Ralls County
Fireball Award: Ken Olive, Camden County
Annual Meeting Award: Lisa Perry, Jasper County
President Award: Lisa Mendpara, Cass County
Special Recognition Award: Sandy Snelling, Camden County


Mapper of the Year: Barbara Kaszuba, Jasper County
Boss of the Year: Doug Bowerman, Lawrence County
Fireball Award: Erika Hagg, Greene County
Annual Meeting Award: Kacie Neel & James Theisen, Pettis County
President Award: Lisa Mendpara, Cass County and Sue Ann Stokes, McDonald County


Mapper of the Year: Brenda Dryer, Lawrence County
Boss of the Year: Laura Pope, McDonald County
Fireball Award: Melissa Johnson, Cole County
Annual Meeting Award: Lisa Chapman, Cass County
President Award: Katie Shepherd, Midland GIS Solutions


Mapper of the Year- Karissa Logan
Boss of the Year – Kevin Rasmussen
President- Don Cleveland
Annual Meeting – Lisa Chapman
Fireball- Lisa Chapman

Board Members
Immediate Past President – Frank Adam
Director 2009-2010 – Steven Marsh
Director 2009 – 2011 – Tim Kean, PMM
Secretary – Sue Ann Stokes
Treasurer – Lisa Chapman
President Elect – Katie Shepherd
President – Don Cleveland

Committee Chairs
Annual Meeting – Lisa Chapman
Certification – Marti Suiter, PMM
Education – Jay Riester
Historical – Brenda Dryer
Information Technology – Mark Duewell
Legislation – Dan Roe, PMM
Membership – Gladys Smith
Publication – Tim Kean, PMM

MMA Chapter Officers
Southwest – Brenda Dryer President
Sue Ann Stokes Vice President
Barbara Kaszuba, PMM Secretary

Northeast – Chapter Chair Sandy Lanier
Northwest – Chapter Chair Brian Lomas
West Central – Chapter Chair Gaila Wilson
East Central – Richard Kramer President
Belinka Novotny-Held, PMM Vice President
Alice Lee, PMM Secretary
Sarah Anderson Treasurer


Certificates of appreciation were given to Committee Chairs:
Publication – Tim Kean
Annual Meeting – Josie Bock
Awards – Lisa Chapman
Certification – Frank Adam
Education – Jay Reister
Historical – Tim Kean
IT – Mark Duewell
Legislative – Mark Reynolds
Membership – Gladys Smith
The Board members were given Certificates of Appreciation:
Immediate Past President – Jeff Davis
1st Year Director – Kay Schenewark
2nd Year Director – Darrell King
Secretary – Josie Bock
Treasurer – Katie Shepherd
Vice President – Don Cleveland
President – Frank Adam ( Accepted by Tim Kean)
Special Award for all of his hard work and effort he has put into MMA: Don
Plaque of Appreciation was presented to Frank Adam
Fire Ball Award was presented to Tim Kean
Annual Meeting Award was presented to Josie Bock
Mapper of the Year Award was presented to Belinka Novotny-Held


Lisa Chapman and Belinka Novotny-Held presented awards.
Certificates and awards were given to:

Certification Committee:
Chairman Barbara Kubazuba,
Membership Chairman, Gladys Smith,
Legislative Chairman, Randy Lewis (accepted by Patty Williams)
IT Committee Chairman, Curtis Copeland,
Education Chairman, Patty Williams,
Historical Chairman, Tim Kean
Publication Chairman, Shane McDermott
1st Year Director, Darrell King,
2nd Year Director, Kay Schenewark,
Secretary Judy Logan,
Treasurer, Katie Shepherd,
Immediate Past President Shane McDermott,
Vice President Frank Adam,
President Sarah Murry.

Plaques to Committee Chairman Membership, Gladys Smith, and
Publication Shane McDermott, who both had served several years.
Boss of the Year: Don Davis
Mapper of the year: Stan Balsma
Fireball Award: Frank Adam.


Membership Awards: Gladys Smith
IT Award: None
Historical Award: Frank Adam
Legislation Award: Darrell King
Publication Award: Shane McDermott

Education Award: None
Certification Award: Tim Houchin
President Award: Shane McDermott
Past President Award:Randy Lewis
Vice President Award: Kay Schenewark
Secretary Award: Judy Logan
Treasurer Award: Marti Suiter
Second Year Director: Alice Lee
First Year Director: Leah Twombly
Mapper of the Year: Patrick Rogers
Fireball: Katie Shepherd
Boss of the Year: None
Annual Meeting Award: Katie Shepherd
PMM Certificates: None


Fireball: Gladys Smith
Mapper of the Year: Susan Oser
Annual Meeting: Katie Shepherd
Boss of the Year: George Frink
Past President: Kim Swisher


Fireball: Shane McDermott
Mapper of the Year: Kay Schenewark
Annual Meeting: Shannon Armstrong
Boss of the Year: Ken Olive
Certificate of Appreciation: Dawson “Slick” Heathman & Mike Sutherland
Past President: Kim Swisher


Fireball: Randy Lewis
Mapper of the Year: Deanna deJarnette
Education: Larry Bollinger
Annual Meeting: Steve Daw
Past President: Jennifer Peterson


Fireball: Kevin Rasmussen
Mapper of the Year: Sandy Snelling, Camden Co.
Annual Meeting: Belinka Novotny-Held, PMM
Boss of the Year: Gene Zimmerman
Certificate of Appreciation: Bill Ringhausen


Fireball: Kyle Gjeraldsen
Mapper of the Year: Frank Adam, Phelps County
Annual Meeting: Stan Balsman, PMM
Outgoing President: Belinka Novotny-Held, PMM
Boss of the Year: Randy Holman
Honorary Membership: Jacque Sisco-Thummel CADD Solutions, Inc


Education: Jennifer Peterson
Fireball: Kim Swisher
Mapper of the Year: Robin Mooty, Stoddard County
Annual Meeting: Julie Holtz
Outgoing President: Chris Matthews
Boss of the Year: Carl Sohn
Special Recognition: Ken Agey & Marti Suiter” Spiderman” – Kevin Rasmussen


Education: Kyle Gjeruldsen
Fireball: Jennifer Peterson
Mapper of the Year: Debbie Booher, Scott County Mapper
Annual Meeting: Chris Matthews


Education: Carl Sohn, PMM
Fireball: Patty Williams
Mapper of the Year: Jeff Davis, PMM
Annual Meeting: Patty Williams & Belinka Novotny-Held, PMM
Boss of the Year: James Strahan
Special Recognition: Glen Nicoll, 30 Years Mapping, Ken Agey, MMA Newsetter Production, Krissy Williams, 1st MMA Annual Meeting Program Book


Fireball: Marti Buckner
Mapper of the Year: Gladys Smith
Annual Meeting: Ken Agey
Energizer Award: Kathy Edwards
Certificates of recognition for outstanding job performance:
Patty Castro
Joy Bilyeu
Linda Reynolds
Tim Houtchens
Georgia Spurgeon
Paula Ghidotti
Judy Williams
Carolyn Kinnison


Fireball: Belinka Novonty-Held,PMM
Mapper of the Year: Morgan County Mapping Department
Annual Meeting: Linda Crane, PMM & Ona Thomas


Education: Carl Sohn
Fireball: Randy Mayden
Mapper of the Year: Floyd Evans & Barbara Kaszuba
Annual Meeting: Dan Roe


Education: Bob Friesen
Fireball: Kathy Edwards
Mapper of the Year: Sarah Anderson
Annual Meeting: Shelly Taylor
Recognition Award: Carl Sohn, Outgoing President


Education: Chris Matthews
Fireball: Marti Buckner
Mapper of the Year: Tim Houtchens, PMM
Annual Meeting: Ona Thomas


Education: Richard Sohn
Fireball: Mary Beasley
Mapper of the Year: Paul Shelton
Annual Meeting: Linda Crane & Sandy Estes


Education: Carl Sohn
Fireball: Carl Sohn
Mapper of the Year: Debbie Cochran
Annual Meeting: Randy Mayden


Education: Kathy Edwards
Fireball: Debbie Cochran
Mapper of the Year: Carl Sohn
Annual Meeting: Betty Wiley


Education: Linda Crane
Fireball: Jerry Joe
Mapper of the Year: Dan Roe


Education: Robert Pirrie
Fireball: Dan Roe
Mapper of the Year: Carol Ann Freeman


Education: Debbie Cochran
Fireball: Ken Eftink, PMM
Mapper of the Year: Robert Pirrie


Education: Bob Norris
Fireball: Mary Ann Kaiser
Mapper of the Year: Kitty Hedin