Welcome to the Missouri Mappers Association!

The Missouri Mappers Association is a nonprofit organization. Its purpose is to bring together those persons concerned with property mapping in state and local governments and private industry, to create a framework in which we:

  • Cooperate in the investigation, study, discussion, and recommendation of improvements in property mapping and land record management.
  • Promote the interchange of ideas and experiences.
  • Improve the practice of property mapping and knowledge through education and training.
  • Support legislation beneficial to property mappers and land record management.
  • To achieve these objectives, the Association sponsors regional workshops and courses, publishes a quarterly newsletter, and has instituted a professional designation program.

MMA operates from a constitution and a set of bylaws. The Association has an Executive Committee comprised of a President, Immediate Past President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and two Directors. These officers are selected each year at the Annual Meeting with the exception of the Treasurer and Directors, who serve a two-year term in office.

Each year, the President appoints several standing committees. These include Annual Meeting, Awards, Certification, Education, Historical, Information Technologies, Legislation, Membership, and Publication.

Executive Committee

President – Lisa Mendpara

President-Elect – Sue Ann Stokes

Secretary – Laura Cole

Treasurer – Lisa Perry

2nd Year Director – Alice Lee

1st Year Director – Brenda Dryer

Immediate Past President – Carla Palmer

Upcoming Events