Professional Missouri Mappers

Certified Professional Missouri Mappers

“A profession is a body of people who carry on their work in accordance with rules designed to enforce certain standards both for the production of its members and for better service to the public.” Mapping, like other professions, requires special study, knowledge, and skill. The Missouri Mappers Association has instituted a program design to raise the professional standards of mapping personal, and recognize those superior skills. The professional designation outlined is a result of this effort.

Attainment of the Professional Missouri Mapper (PMM) Designation is a true challenge. In addition to ability, it requires a substantial amount of study and knowledge. Those who achieve this difficult goal should be very proud; there are some who fail. Yet, if this were not so, the designation would not be worth the time, effort, and patience required to attain it.

If you are interested in becoming a Professional Missouri Mapper, please contact the 2014-2015 Certification Committee Chair for more information:

Marti Suiter, PMM
Hickory County
(417) 327-7246

Professional Missouri Mappers

Stan Balsman Gary Drennan
Dan Roe Marti Suiter
Christy Linhart Linda Crane
Jeff Davis Linda Reynolds
Barbara Kaszuba Stephanie Hyder-Stevens
Belinka Novotny-Held Timothy J Houtchens Sr
Alice Lee Frank Adam
Laura Cole Tim Kean
Robert E Myers (Lifetime)


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